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Crystals for Fertility and Motherhood

Your gift set includes:

  • 1 Clear Quartz
  • 1 Rose Quarts
  • 1 Moonstone
  • 1 Carnelian
  • Custom printed drawstring keepsake pouch
  • Postcard with crystal descriptions

Note: crystals are natural and sizing and coloring will vary slightly for each set.

Clear quartz: Amplify your truth and embrace abundance. A master healer, quartz is the grandmother of all crystals and is like a chiropractic alignment for your chakras.

Rose quartz: Promotes self love. Remove fear and emotional trauma. Mother yourself while becoming a mother. Feel relaxed in trying to conceive and throughout your pregnancy. Be gentle with your body through all of its phases.

Moonstone: Referred to as “The Woman’s Healing Stone,” gently and steadily balance your cycle and tune in with your own rhythm. Known as the stone of New Beginnings, it’s an excellent choice in feeling the vibes of conception.

Carnelian: A powerful stone used to quell anxiety. Latin for "flesh," this stone works wonders on any matters of the flesh including pregnancy and birth. Gives you the courage to stand firmly in your power. Great for connecting with your inner goddess. 

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