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Crystals for Rebirth and Healing

Your gift set includes:

  • 1 Clear Quartz
  • 1 Citrine
  • 1 Moonstone
  • 1 Fluorite
  • Custom printed drawstring keepsake pouch
  • Postcard with crystal descriptions

Note: crystals are natural and sizing and coloring will vary slightly for each set.

Clear Quartz: Amplify your truth. Whether you feel you have dwindled down to the root, all it takes is a spark and this crystal will ignite your inner flame. This master healer is the grandmother of all crystals and is like a chiropractic alignment for your chakras.

Fluorite: This stone helps clear the fog and slow you down so you can focus on what is really happening – not just the runaway train of anxiety. Fluorite stimulates the third eye, accelerates healing, and soothes you with its positive energy.

Citrine: Depression, fears, phobias, and all-around being stuck. Like the sun, this stone is a focused burst of light or spark to get you to get out of your funk and move in a positive direction.

Moonstone: Referred to as “The Woman’s Healing Stone,” gently and steadily balance your cycle and tune in with your own rhythm. Known as the stone of New Beginnings, it’s a stone of rebirth, renewal, and regeneration. Just like the moon, you are whole no matter what phase you are in.

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